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Deciding Child Custody When A Couple Isn’t Married

Posted by on Jul 3, 2016 in Uncategorized |

With social norms changing, it is more common for a couple to have a child outside of wedlock. The problem with this is that questions about child custody can come up if the couple decides to split up before they get married. If you are in this type of situation, be aware of what kind of custody options are available to you, as well as what the courts can decide if there is not an agreement. Child Custody Types There are several different child custody types that can happen when the parents have never been married. Full Custody One parent...

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4 Consequences Of Not Paying Your Credit Card Debt

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have high balances on your credit cards, you probably feel overwhelmed and not sure what to do. If you are having trouble paying even the minimum amount on your credit cards, you may have thought about defaulting on them. However, this can negatively affect your life in many ways. Here are four consequences of not paying your credit card debt: You Will Get Charged Late Fees Even if you just miss one credit card payment, you will get charged late fees. These fees will increase your balance even more and make it that much more difficult...

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How Can You Challenge A Child Custody Evaluation Report?

Posted by on Jan 2, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you and your spouse have been unable to agree on custody and a visitation schedule for your child, the court may have ordered a child custody evaluation. Once it’s over, and the evaluator has submitted the report, what happens if the evaluation doesn’t go your way? You don’t have to give up custody of your child without a fight. You can — and should — challenge the evaluation if you think that it is unfair or flat-out wrong. Here’s what you should know. You can challenge the evaluator’s skill. A...

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Facing Criminal Charges? Learn How To Best Utilize A Legal Team

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Uncategorized |

One of the best ways to fight criminal charges that you are facing is by hiring a legal team. But it is not as simple as paying a lawyer some money to have them fight your battle for you, because there are things you can do to best utilize them. Consider these 5 tips to give yourself the best possible chance in court. Be Completely Honest It may seem obvious, but being honest is something that you must always do with your lawyer. Lawyers do not like to be surprised, and even a small lie can undermine the entire case. You must always be...

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3 Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Approached By The Police Or Arrested

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Many people have run ins with the law. It can be scary to be approached by the police, and even scarier to be arrested. Sadly, many people make mistakes when they are arrested that end up hurting their case even more. This is why it is important to understand what you shouldn’t do if you are approached by the police or arrested. Here are a couple things you should know. 1. Don’t Invite Them Inside Or Step Outside In order for the police to come inside your house they have to obtain a warrant or be invited in. If you invite them...

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Parents: Why You Should Not Bash Your Spouse During A Divorce

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Uncategorized |

No matter what might have happened throughout the course of your marriage, there is a good chance that you are feeling upset and bitter toward your spouse while you are going through your divorce. Although it’s perfectly natural to feel less-than-happy with your spouse during this trying time, it’s important to be careful about venting. As a parent, it can be easy to talk to your kids about what is going on in a not-so-nice way, or it can be simple for them to overhear you talking about the divorce on the telephone. However, it is...

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Facing Criminal Charges? Maybe, These Defenses Might Help

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Uncategorized |

The law isn’t exactly the easiest thing to understand. However, it is an absolute necessity if you are to live in a peaceful and safe society. There are instances where an act might be justified and result in an acquittal. These defenses can prevent you from being charged with a criminal act. However, the final say is up to what the judge believes to be true. If you find yourself in the midst of a criminal trial, here are a few defenses to help you get through it: Necessity If there are extenuating circumstances that caused you to...

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A Bit of Information on the Mens Rea Defense When You Are Accused of a Crime

Posted by on Jun 17, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Due to all the complications involving criminal law, it is always best to hire a criminal attorney experienced in the type of crime you are being accused of. Mens rea is the Latin term for guilty mind, often referred to as intent. It is one of the things a prosecutor must prove for you to be found guilty of most crimes. There are some crimes where mens rea is not necessary, and there are different levels of intent. Here is a bit of information on when mens rea does not apply, and the different levels of intent the prosecutor must prove....

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Learn Three Ways To Verify Evidence Before Going To Trial

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If you plan to sue someone or a company in the near future in court, it is important to know that there will be many different types of evidence you may need in order to prove your case. You will need to provide evidence of any claims that you make against the person or company that can be substantiated in some way. The following guide walks you through a few of the different types of evidence your attorney may need to get in order to prove your case in court. An Affidavit The first thing you will need to do is to tell your side of the story....

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3 Reasons Why Drinking And Driving Is Simply Never Worth The Risk

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Driving impaired brings about huge consequences, whether you are found guilty or not. You are risking your life and the potential for injuring or killing other people each and every time that you get behind the wheel after you have been drinking. The repercussions are severe in court as well, since you can end up taking on a lot of obligations and risk. You have always heard that drinking and driving is dangerous, but perhaps you are not aware of the severity of the ramifications to your personal and professional life. To understand these...

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4 Important Decisions You Can Make With Estate Planning

Posted by on Apr 11, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Many people choose to put off planning for the future because they’re fearful about making important decisions. It can also be stressful and upsetting to talk about illness and death. It’s important to have a plan in place so that your wishes are respected. Take a look at the following information to better understand some of the important decisions that can be made with the help of estate planning lawyers.  Funeral Wishes While no one likes to think about death, it’s impossible to avoid it. With a plan in place, you...

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