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Get A Prenup When You Have Individual Wealth And Family Money: You Won't Regret It

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If you have family wealth and you are a successful individual, it's smart to get a prenuptial agreement before you get married. You want to make sure that everything you have worked for and inherited before the big day isn't in jeopardy, and it's easy to do. You'll want to meet with a lawyer to have the document created before the wedding, with enough time for your fiancé to look it over and sign. There are some important things you'll want to protect.

Trust Funds and Inheritance Money

Include all trust funds or inheritance accounts you have now and anything that may come in the future. You can have it written in the document that money from these types of accounts goes directly to children you have, bypassing your spouse if anything happens to you as well.

Business Shares and Ownership

If you have any type of shares as an investor in a company, you own your own company or you work in a partnership with others, you have to protect these things. The prenuptial agreement will ensure that you don't lose your shares, or your ownership, and your business partners may require that you have one. If you are involved in a family business, it's important to pass the business on throughout generations.

401k Plans and IRAs

Do you already have a 401k plan you have been putting money into, or investment IRA's that you started before you had a fiancé? You can put in your document that everything that you had before you met them is protected, or that they are never able to get anything in those accounts if the two of you divorce.

Heirlooms and Valuables

If you have any valuables or heirlooms that belonged to family members before you, like jewellery, coins, artwork and more, make sure it stays in the family. You can protect houses, vehicles, and any assets that you have if you wish.

Your fiancé can have her own legal team (that might be Gittens Lawyers or maybe that is your team) look at the document if they don't feel comfortable signing it, and you want to make sure they don't feel forced or obligated. Once the document is signed, you can enter your marriage feeling worry-free, because you know that if you get divorced or something else happens, you aren't going to lose everything that you have worked for. Get a detailed list of your assets and net worth and call a lawyer right away.