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3 Reasons Why Drinking And Driving Is Simply Never Worth The Risk

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Driving impaired brings about huge consequences, whether you are found guilty or not. You are risking your life and the potential for injuring or killing other people each and every time that you get behind the wheel after you have been drinking. The repercussions are severe in court as well, since you can end up taking on a lot of obligations and risk.

You have always heard that drinking and driving is dangerous, but perhaps you are not aware of the severity of the ramifications to your personal and professional life. To understand these implications better, read the following guide:

#1: DUI Charges Are Incredibly Expensive To Defend Against

To stand half a chance in court, you will need to retain the services of a criminal lawyer. These lawyers are glad to help you, but know that the costs will add up quickly. When it's all said and done, accounting for representation, court costs and more, you can end up paying between $5,000 and $12,000. You may have to pay even more money if the courts force you to install an ignition interlock device into your vehicle in order to legally drive it after being found guilty. Regardless, it is clear that drinking and driving is a costly proposition. 

#2: A DUI Will Greatly Hamper Your Employment Opportunities

Because such a stigma is attached to drinking and driving, you will pay for it in your professional life as well. Since drinking and driving is a criminal offense, you will now have to answer to it any time you are up for an interview. Further, the charge will show up on a background check, which can hinder your opportunities, or at the very least, make prospective employers think twice before having you join their company. 

#3: A DUI Can Cause You To Do Time Behind Bars

Some people take the risk of drinking and driving, because they think that you only do time if you hurt someone or damage property. This couldn't be further from the case. Canada has mandatory jail time of 30 days and up for people who are subsequent offenders. This means that even if no one is hurt and your blood alcohol content was just barely over the limit, you will still be forced to pay for your offense by having your freedom taken. 

With these three points in mind, it is clear that it's just not worth it to drink and drive. However, if you are on the hook for a DUI charge and want to be treated fairly in court, always make sure to hire the best DUI attorney for your case. To learn more, contact a company like Leo A Kinahan with any questions you have.