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3 Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Approached By The Police Or Arrested

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Many people have run ins with the law. It can be scary to be approached by the police, and even scarier to be arrested. Sadly, many people make mistakes when they are arrested that end up hurting their case even more. This is why it is important to understand what you shouldn't do if you are approached by the police or arrested. Here are a couple things you should know.

1. Don't Invite Them Inside Or Step Outside

In order for the police to come inside your house they have to obtain a warrant or be invited in. If you invite them in, and allow them to search your home, you may have just opened yourself up to unnecessary problems. Instead, if the police come to your house and ask to come in, you can ask, "do you have a warrant to enter my house?" If they ask you to come outside, you can say, "I am comfortable where I am." This will keep you safe.

2. Don't Resist Arrest

If the police have probable cause they can arrest you. This means that even if the reasons aren't perfect, they have been given permission from the court to arrest you. If you resist arrest, it will just make it harder on both of you. It could result in an injury for you, being treated as a hostile witness and make it harder to get bail. In addition, you shouldn't mouth off, or be rude to the police. This will only hurt your case. Thus, be respectful to the officers, even if you believe that it is a silly arrest or that you are innocent.

3. Don't Believe What The Police Say To Get You To Talk

In many cases, the police are allowed to take liberty with facts and even bend the truth to get you to talk. This means that during the interrogation they will be brutal to get you to talk about the case. You shouldn't talk to them without a lawyer present.

Being arrested doesn't mean that you have been charged with a crime yet. You will be held for some time while the police gather evidence to see if they have enough to charge you. Thus, if you talk and give them more information about the case, you may have just given them the evidence. So, refuse to talk unless you have a lawyer there with you. To find out more, contact someone like impaired driving Banks, Gubbins and Andrews Criminal Law.