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Pain And Suffering/Wrongful Death Damages: Differences In American And Canadian Law

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Even if you hire a lawyer licensed to litigate personal injury lawsuits in both the United States and Canada, how much you or your beneficiaries can recover in non-pecuniary (pain and suffering) damages depends on which side of the border you live on. Despite similarities in their laws, each country has some differences in the kinds of damages you can claim and the amount a court can award for pain and suffering or wrongful death. Read More»

3 Things To Consider Before Accepting A Plea Bargain

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Being charged with a crime and going through the whole court process can be scary and stressful. In many cases defendants are offered plea bargains, which can help avoid having to go to trial. In some cases plea bargains are a good idea, while in other situations it may be a better idea to decline the plea deal and have your day in court. Consider the following when contemplating accepting a plea bargain: Read More»