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Deciding Child Custody When A Couple Isn't Married

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With social norms changing, it is more common for a couple to have a child outside of wedlock. The problem with this is that questions about child custody can come up if the couple decides to split up before they get married. If you are in this type of situation, be aware of what kind of custody options are available to you, as well as what the courts can decide if there is not an agreement. Read More»

4 Consequences Of Not Paying Your Credit Card Debt

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If you have high balances on your credit cards, you probably feel overwhelmed and not sure what to do. If you are having trouble paying even the minimum amount on your credit cards, you may have thought about defaulting on them. However, this can negatively affect your life in many ways. Here are four consequences of not paying your credit card debt: You Will Get Charged Late Fees Even if you just miss one credit card payment, you will get charged late fees. Read More»

How Can You Challenge A Child Custody Evaluation Report?

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If you and your spouse have been unable to agree on custody and a visitation schedule for your child, the court may have ordered a child custody evaluation. Once it’s over, and the evaluator has submitted the report, what happens if the evaluation doesn’t go your way? You don’t have to give up custody of your child without a fight. You can – and should – challenge the evaluation if you think that it is unfair or flat-out wrong. Read More»